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How to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
This free online course offers an overview of EIA in Kenya with particular focus on,
The basics of environmental law, & sustainable development,
Environmental management tools
Environment laws in Kenya,
Contents of an EIA report
How to Design and Construct a small earth dam or water pan
This course covers the process of design and construction of small earth dams and water pans. In a series of 5 presentations, we will look at
The contents of a dam/pan design report
Water demand analysis
Design of freeboard, silt trap, & embankments
Design of spillway
Operation and maintenance of small dams/pans
How to register as a Professional Engineer in Kenya
This free online course offers a set of resources to guide practitioners on how to register as a professional agricultural engineer in Kenya. In 7 sessions, the course will share resources on
Standard professional registration forms
Gazette notice on professional registration
Engineers practice manual
Institution of Engineers of Kenya requirements for registration
Legal notice on engineering registration
Presentation on engineering registration in Kenya

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Training Manual for Official Agencies in Kenya
This Training manual shares the WTO SPS Agreements, standards and guidelines for codes of practices issued by Codex Alimentarious Commission
How to construct dairy farms and related structures
This free online course will share dairy farming resources from the Micro Enterprises Support Program Trust, to aid you in setting up your dairy farm. Two resources will be shared touching on
Diary farm layout
Construction of dairy structures
How to Extract Virgin Coconut Oil
This course summarizes the presentations of a training on Coconut Oil Processing conducted at ATDC Mtwapa. In a series of 5 presentations and quizzes, the course looks at virgin coconut oil and the various methods of extraction in the local Kenya Context. Specifically, the course will focus on
Introduction to Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction
Kitchen method of Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction
Fermentation method of Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction
Plant and equipment used in Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction
Good practices in Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction
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