Part 2- Water Demand Analysis

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In this lesson we review the water demand analysis part in the design section of a small earth dam or water pan. Refer to the previous presentation to know the contents of the design section. Specifically, we look at
Domestic water demand
Livestock water demand
Irrigation water demand
Evaporation losses
Seepage losses
Total water demand
Estimation of dead storage and total storage from total water demand
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1. Water demand analysis is conducted to justify the size of small earth dam or water pan
2. When estimating domestic water demand, reference is made to census data and the National Water Master Plan
3. Unlike domestic water demand, which is projected over the design life of the project, livestock water demand is assumed to be fairly stable, and not requiring any future projections
4. When conducting a water demand analysis, there is no need to consider evaporation and seepage losses
5. Another reason of conducting a water demand analysis is to aid in estimating the dead storage of the dam/pan